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M8 Greyhound Armored Car For Sale

1943 M8 Greyhound Armored Car. Serial Number GBK311C, USA 6035718

Price : $74,000 - NEW LOWER PRICE!!

This M8 was given a completely fresh coat of paint last summer and all the brakes have been fixed and work perfectly - something rare for a M8 or M20. The hydrovac was completely rebuilt last year as part of the brake work. The engine always starts right up, even after sitting for months this winter. It runs so quietly that you can't even hear it idling. I drove this 20 miles from my house to my shop last year for the brake and paint work. It's fantastic for re-enactments and parades, no need to trailer for short distances.

I have a Mass Title and Registration - this is legal to drive on the road!

All of the skirts will go with the vehicle, I just like the look with them off so I removed them.

The gun is a custom machined pipe that has been turned into a gas gun - it is exactly the same as an original gun on the outside visually - but it was never a real gun. We have built a custom rack inside the turret to allow the oxygen and propane tanks to be held in place so you can rotate the turret and fire the guns without any issue of hoses getting tangled or caught up. You can feed the .50 and the main gun at the same time from the tanks.

The ring mount was mounted using very rare mounts that are MUCH cleaner and nicer than what you normally see.
I have the canvas cover for the turret, the buttons have been installed on the vehicle, but they have not yet been put into the canvas (a much easier job!). Since I always store it inside I just never got around to it.

The .50 gun does not go with the vehicle. You may come and inspect & drive by appointment.